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bild1 bild2 bild3 bild4
        Rupert Linsinger     Johann Wagenbichler          Josef Schmerl       Ferdinand Plenicar
            1890-1903 1903-1908 und 1913-1925             1908-1913             1925-1926



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      Johann Mühlmann   Johann Wagenbichler sen.         Johann Steiner        Hermann Höller
          1926-1930             1930-1952            1953-1971            1971-1986



bild9 bild10 bild11 bild12
        Karl Obermoser          Alois Wallner       Rupert Weissacher         Hubert Söllner
           1986-1991            1991-1996            1996-2000            2000-2010



          Willi Kössler
            Ab 2010



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